If you’re in the midst of applying to insurance jobs or are looking into roles for down the road, it’s important to know which skills your potential employers are seeking during the
application process.
Here are some of the most sought-after skills you’ll need for success in your insurance career.
1. Communication
In an insurance role, you’ll be required to communicate with internal and external stakeholders. This is why employers seek candidates who stand out when it comes to their communication skills. When applying for an insurance role, be sure to showcase any experiences, courses, or volunteer work that have developed your communication skills
and be sure to highlight them in your application.
2. Customer service
As an insurance professional, you will be managing multiple relationships and priorities. Ensuring that you are understanding your customers’ needs, professionalism, managing your time and their expectations effectively and delivering what you promise can play a key role in a successful insurance career. Any experience that helps you demonstrate your ability to respond to inquiries, manage a high volume of traffic, deliver some ‘tough messages’ or your commitment to go above and beyond are great selling points for your application and interview.
3. Teamwork
Though there may be times when you are working independently, you will ultimately be working as part of a team to achieve your unit or organization-wide objectives. Working
collaboratively to identify new business opportunities, generate a solution to a problem or emerging issue, or develop a strategy to manage a potential risk effectively are just a few examples of ways you may find yourself working with your colleagues. Think about school projects, jobs you have had, committees you were a part
of or extracurricular activities that had you as a part of a team (for example: band, sports teams, debate clubs, etc.).
How did you go about achieving success? What role did you play? How did you capitalize on each other’s strengths? Overcome challenges? These are all great examples to showcase your ability to work as part of a team.
4. Professionalism
Insurance is all about peace of mind. It is important that those working in the sector are seen as the professional they are. Demonstrating due diligence, paying attention to detail, wearing appropriate business attire, maintaining ethical standards and confidentiality, staying up to date on current trends/products and exercising sound judgment
are all qualities that make up the package of the professional people are entrusting to help them to protect the things they hold most dear. If you have the opportunity to engage an employer in-person or are brought in for an interview, be sure to take steps
to put your best foot forward and convey that you are the professional the employer is looking for to join their team.
5. Results-oriented
On virtually any career path, success is not just based on doing the job. Rather, it is often judged by the results you have achieved. Whether you are bringing on a new client, reducing the degree of risk associated with a particular client’s needs, developing a
new product or settling a claim fairly and efficiently, there are lots of ways to achieve a positive result in your career as an insurance professional. In the application process, be sure to focus in on not just what you did, but the results and outcomes from each of your previous roles.
6. Curiousity/quick learning
It’s important to employers that you’re eager to stay on top of industry developments, news, trends and information. Since insurance affects virtually everything we do in life and in business, there is a lot of information to keep on top of in an insurance role and it’s crucial that you be in the know. Be ready to commit some time to continuous learning in different forums, including networking, research and professional development.