DOWNLOAD Modern Combat 5 Blackout free for Android and iOS

Gameloft made the Modern Combat 5: Blackout for iOS platform free last week, now the game for Android is available for free. The new spring update adds controller support, more weapons, a new class and more. Those who had purchased the game earlier will get Veteran status, with unlimited energy and 200 credits. The switch to free-to-play means the game will have a longer lifetime, so we can invest more in the long-term update plan and in the servers which need to support a significantly larger player base, said Valeriu Ispir, Product Manager, Gameloft.
New features in Modern Combat 5: Blackout
New Soldier Class: SupportCombat skills include:Heal: drop a health box that heals himself and nearby allies for a period of timePurge: debuffs like EMP, Slow and Flashbang have reduced durationsBloodlust: healing starts after performing a kill and is amplifiedSolid Grip: stability increases the more you shoot the weaponEmergency Reload: increased reload speed when below 15% ammo in clipEndurance: player’s movement is increased when using a light machine gun (LMG)Synergy Perk: players who die within a certain area around the Support will get the option to respawn on their death spotNew Weapon Class: the Light Machine Gun (LMG)New Weapon Tier – 6th tier weapons now available for all weapon classesNew Multiplayer Game Mode: Zone ControlController Support – Standard, formfitting and extended controllersNew Character Customization Options – Such as weapon camos, masks and perks, solo and squad logos&kill signsServer Updates: New servers in different geographical locations will help decrease lag and provide a better multiplayer experience.Modern Combat 5: Blackout (Free with in-app purchases) – iOS Android