I will be teaching you two ways to hack webcam anywhere in the world (spying webcam online and using application). Thou, there are many ways but let’s treat just two ways because they are helpful. Please remember that I am not training you to be a hacker! I am only teaching you how hacking works. Don’t be surprised and don’t be a local reader *wink* LoL…

Hacking webcam online is a very popular thing, because it’s like a regular hacking. Only you don’t need much knowledge and you can simply open your browser and then visit

When the webpage opens, you need to enter your strings then click search.

Google would provide websites that deals with online camera after searching (internet cameras).


When google displays the search dialogue box

Enter this string: inurl:”viewerframe?Mode=”

Click search

You’ll see available internet cameras

Now choose anyone and carry out your activity. Simple
Here are some strings for you:

Inurl: “viewerframe?mode=motion”, Inurl: “viewerframe/index.shtml” Inurl: “axis-cgi/mjpg” Inurl: “MultiCameraFrame?Mode=” Inurl: “viewerframe?mode=”

Note that this type of webcam hack needs ip address. You need to get the correct ip address of the camera before you can hack it.

When you have it, download this webcam hacking setup

Install and run it

You will see a field requesting for “Victim IP”

Enter the ip and click “Connect”.

(Allow it to load)

If the ip is correct and your victim have webcam on his or her computer, the program will be connected to the ip.

Even if the ip you have is incorrect and matches another person’s webcam, it’ll redirect and connect to the wrong ip. Let’s assume there is a successful connection! Click on “Start Cam” and the software will show you the victim’s webcam. You have successfully hack. Good news is that, victim won’t know until he/she want to confirm if the computer is hacked or not…