How To Make Your Pc battery To Last Longer Than Before

The most annoying thing you will ever experience
with your pc is quick battery drainage.Before i
know more about pc battery,all i thought was
that;when the battery drains quickly,then;all i
assume is that the battery is faluty&needs to be
fixed which is not so.

This evening,i will be sharing to you how i made
my own battery to last longer.

==> Optimise Your Power management :For this i do
use eco utility if your pc dosent have that,create a
new power management then set battery to die at
10% and also set screen brightness to be dimmed
to the lowest when on battery.

==> Aviod Watching Films With CD-rom
One of the most battery sucking act is to use your
pc to watch films through the cd-rom which tends
to drain more battery.Rather,just take your time to
rip the whole a film to your pc before watching.

==> Aviod Running multiple tasks :Running multiple
tasks can also whealm down your battery quickly
you can go to >taskmanager to see which app is
consuming more power then close it down/click
end task.

==> Aviod certain startup apps :Some startup apps
may makes your pc fan to sound like an auto-
mobile industry.So,disable some of the apps you
felt are useless.To diasble, go to windows»input
this without quotes “msconfig”

==> Aviod over heating Temperature :Get a flat
material to place your pc upon always to allow
easy way for air to flows out

==> Check If The Air bag is blocked:Just blow air
through where air passes out then see what am
talking about.There,you see much dust coming
out.It also causes over heating.

==> Aviod over charging Of your Pc:Aviod the habit
of plugging your pc to power supply for a very long
time as it damages some cells in the
battery.Instead,charge it to 100% then charge
again when it powers off.

==> Disconnect all unused ports& hibernate or
shutdown to save power:You can disable all
unused ports to save power and also curb the
habit of using your pc ports to charge your
phone.Also,shutdown or hibernate your system
when you your system is idle rather than using the
standby mode.

==> Use Pc Cleaner like cc cleaner :In most cases,i
do advise people to use cc cleaner as it clears
your reg,browsers,and also it deletes the disks
cache which also helps to save the battery and
makes the pc free from bugs&hangs.