I cried – Kim K on when Kanye threw out her clothes and gave her new ones…

If anyone doubted the fact that Kanye West is behind Kim Kardashian’s fashion choices,this new interview would confirm it.While appearing on Live! With Kelly And Michael on Monday,Kim recalled bursting into tears when Kanye decided to throw out a bunch of her clothes and shoes.She said she ‘started crying’ when she saw the pile, which she said was as tall as ‘the ceiling.’

When we first started dating, he went through my closet, he put everything he thought wasn’t cool enough in a pile,’ ‘It really helped me fall in love with fashion. I eventually did get rid of all that stuff, but at the time I couldn’t see it.’

 She said he gave her  an ‘entire room filled with new clothes,’ which she described as all ‘really cool designer stuff’.Kim admitted that Kanye had even told her to change before her appearance on the talk show. She ended up wearing a long black dress with a few buttons left undone.

‘He was right, it was a little too revealing,’ ‘I really do trust his opinion.