1. Get 2 mtn sim(simA and SimB).

2. Two mobile phone(Phone 1 and Phone2).

3. Both sim must be activated with MTN SHARE N SELL (to activate use: *601*0000*1234*1234 , then to transfer: *600*number*amount*transfercode#)

4. Your brain.


1. Migrate to mtn biz plus on both sim. By dialing *460*1# .

2. Load N200 or N400 or N800 or N1000 on SimA .

NOTE> Load the card this way : if you want to load N200 ,you must buy N100 x2 load the first N100 with *555*pin# it will enter main account ,then Load the secnd N100 wìth this code> *885* pin# it will enter bonus.

You will get double of what you recharge.

The same thing with other denominations , you must divide it .

One with *555* and d other with *885* . And to check your bonus dial *886# >>>Now here comes the trick>>>>

3. Since you loaded N400 on simA ,you will get N400 as bonus , now transfer N200 from main acount to SimB ,Immediately on SimB you will get double of what you transfer . Check your bonus with *886# ,remember you must be on mtn bis plus on both sim.

4. Now from simB transfer same amount to simA ,AND vice versa .

Enjoy only your bonus , not the main credit.

NOTE: your bonus expires by 11:59pm daily. So use it before expiration. Shalom!

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