Solutions to Android Touch Screen not working problem

The use of touchscreen device have become so paramount nowadays, and you would notice that 80% of touchscreen users are Android OS users, that is, Android OS phones is to be ranked the #1 set of device that sells 80% of touchscreen device in the global market.

Recently, I’d recieve lots of mail from most of my blog readers complaining about their Android phones having touchscreen problem, and almost 90% of this touchscreen issue are usually tecno users.

Without much say, Today’s stroll, I would brief you guys on some alternative that can be used to resolve a not working android touchscreen .

The below alternatives might be of help to you

1. Try to restart your android device. This method is a good method when resolving screen touch issue because locking and managing of application do make the screen unresponsive most times. So, in other to resolve this issue, you’ve to switch off your phone on the long run, by holding the power button for like 10seconds until the screen gets blank. Then wait for some few minutes, 5mins precisely, then power on your Android phone using same button.

2. Removal of memory card and Sim. Most times, it would be adviceable to also eject your memory and sim card after shuting down your android phone. You can also include removal of battery if that’s possible on your android phones or tablets.

3. Removal of cases Actually, the use of cases on your android device is of good advantage by protecting your device against scratches and damage, but they also enable the automatic screen sleep/wake feature which may cause harm to your device and equally malfunction your touchscreen, so I would advice you’d remove your smart cases and perform a restart on your device.

4. Hard reset/format your device. This is another good method that can actually resolve your android touchscreen issue. If the above method mentioned didn’t work, then try performing a hard reset on your android device and watch your android device returning to it’s original contidition.

To perform a hard reset;

#1. First Hold the volume up and volume down button together and then press the power button (Hold the three buttons continously till the phone boots to the recovery mode pathway).

#2.. After booting to the recovery mode pathway, then you can perform a factory reset from there.

5. Knocking of the touchscreen. Actually this method is not recommended because it could also cause harm to your device, but for carefull personalities, simply remove the protector of your screen and gently knock every edge of your touchscreen in other to realign it.

Hope this brief tutorial helps! If you got any related issue or problem with your android device, please do let us know and we would be glad to tackle the problem at once.